Did you know that you and I are typical of nearly a quarter of the households in Australia? In the latest Australian Bureau of Statistics figures 24% of households in Australia are single households and another 34% of Australian households have just two people. That means that 58% or the majority of Australian households are small households. So it’s not surprising that we regularly strike people that are cooking just for themselves.

The Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) latest data shows that the proportion of single households has rapidly increased since 1961 when they represented 11% of Australian households. By 2011 they represented 24%. The ABS estimate that by mid-century almost 70% of households will have only one or two occupants. This change in population figures to smaller households comes at the expense of households with five or six people.

The trend is towards smaller households, yet if you looked at most cookbooks today you would believe that we are still cooking for the household size of the 1920s. Most recipe cookbooks, including those from Thermomix, provide recipes for 4 to 8 people.

Another suggestion that is frequently made is to make the whole recipe and freeze the leftovers for another time. Somehow to me the frozen meal is never as enticing as a freshly cooked one. After years of experience freezing the leftovers for ‘another time’, I find that ‘another time’ never comes and I end up cleaning out my freezer of meals I thought I was going to eat and never did.

Since I am a household of one I decided to explore the challenges of cooking just for me. Knowing that I was not alone, that a quarter of the households in Australia face the same challenge was encouraging but it didn’t make the challenge any smaller.

When I reflected on cooking just 4Me I realised it was more than just about finding recipes for one. There were four things to consider.

1) Doing the numbers for one

2) Working the progressive ingredient

3) Winning the 30 minute challenge

4) Showing me love and respect

This site is where I plan to share my thoughts, experiences, recipes and tips about cooking just 4Me. I’ll post some of this week’s recipes soon.

What’s your main challenge when cooking just for you?

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