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Welcome I’m Caroline just4Me cook..

Welcome to Cooking Just 4Me

Hi, my name is Caroline and I’m a food lover, keen cook, seasonal food fan and Thermomix owner among many other things. And I live in a single person household.

I’ve created this site for those who cook just for themselves. It is a mix of recipes, tips, thoughts and reflections on cooking just 4Me.

Did you know that single person households make up nearly a quarter of the households in Australia and this proportion is rapidly increasing? Yet most cookbooks present recipes that serve 4-8 people!

To me that means eating the same dish for 3 nights in a row only to throw out the remainder as I just can’t face the dish again! My other option is to freeze the leftovers for another time. However years of freezing for another time have taught me that another time never comes when I clean out the freezer three months later and throw out  untouched frozen leftovers.

While in theory it’s easy to just ‘quarter the recipe’, in practice that is not so easy and becomes a little too much on a busy weeknight when you’re trying to cook a healthy dinner for yourself after a long day at work. When you’re trying to beat the voice in your head that says, in very caring and convincing tones, “Why bother? It’s just you, it’s too much work, grilled cheese on toast will do for you.”

Owning a Thermomix has completely changed my life. It has opened up new ways of cooking to me, which has resulted in me rethinking cooking. It’s helped me realise that I’m not cooking for one, I’m cooking just for me!

What’s the difference? The difference is I’m worth the effort. By following the four rules of cooking just for me I’ve found a healthier and happier time in preparing meals.

When I reflected on cooking just 4Me I realised it was more than just about finding recipes for one. There were four things to consider.

1) Doing the numbers for one

2) Working the progressive ingredient

3) Winning the 30 minute challenge

4) Showing me love and respect

The aim of this site is to share my cooking just 4Me principles, tips and recipes and I trust that in doing so that you, like me,  will enjoy creating everyday surprises just 4Me…..  I mean you!


August 2012

update April 2017

Cooking just4Me, PO Box 117, Hindmarsh, South Australia, 5007

4 Responses to About & Contact

  1. Robyn Wilkinson says:

    You are an inspiration Caroline. I look forward to seeing your blog grow and keep on developing! This is a great resource to point many of my Thermomix Customers to, who cook for just themselves or for couples. Finally a helping hand to inspire. X Robyn

  2. mozzie99 says:

    Caroline, I’ve just read every page of your blog and await with great excitement the recipes you will be sharing with us. I love the whole concept of cooking just4ME (and Andrew) and look forward to trying your meals out – who knows, I may yet become a creative cook. I also really like the ‘progressive ingredient’ idea and look forward to seeing how varied and interesting a week’s meals can be using the same ol’ ingredients. With thanks and much anticipation, Mozz

  3. Andrea Boseley says:

    Terrific to see you at the Thermomix course tonight Caroline. I’m so inspired by your blog – it’s fantastic. I will be checking in regularly to see what new recipes you have for me to steal in the kitchen. That is, until, your cookbook for one is launched!! I particularly like your ‘love and respect’ segment. It’s true, just cos it’s me dining, doesn’t mean i shouldn’t dine at the table with a candle on and use my best cutlery. It’s important to focus on each healthy and beautifully prepared mouthful. Thanks xx

  4. G’day Caroline! Your and Sharon did a GREAT job at the Varoma Cooking Course last night, true!
    It was VERY insightful, very inspiring and as a current non-owner (which I sense is not for long lol), it opened my eyes into the Wonderful World of Varoma Cooking!
    The foods you and Sharon created were amazing and tasty VERY yummy too!
    Hope you have a great day and look forward to what I create and share; coming soon too!
    Looking for food love on FB too! http://www.facebook.com/whatsonthelist

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