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Update – Individual Crustless Quiches

empty muffin cases A quick update on these delish crustless

quiches…I found these paper muffin case in a regular size in my supermarket. ( I’d only ever seen them for super sized muffins before).

They are perfect to bake individual crustless quiches. The recipe on the website makes 6 of these little beauties.

The paper casing makes them easy to pack into a storeage container in the fridge and handy to grab for breakfast/ snack on the go, all pre-packed.

And a big plus the baking tray is much easier to clean.

I’ve also made an addition to the recipe… a few tablespoons of rolled rye oats. They give these little ones a bit more of a bakegood taste and are a bit more filling and a bit less eggy.

I think this will be my new go to option.

What are your go to ways to prevent baking sticking in muffin tins?



  1. Hi Caroline. Quiches look great. Typo alert: When I got to your Cooking Just4Me page I noticed that the Welcome bit above your photo has the 4 missing. Cheers, Mozz

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