Update on Early Spring recipes

Just as I was thinking I had it all under control after the busyness of running my first cooking class and posting the recipes collection I remembered a little tweet I wanted to make to one of the recipes.

So I’m made the tweet to Savoury crumble topping recipes reducing  the 5 g dried porcini mushrooms to a few pieces of porcini mushrooms. I’ve change the document, which can be downloaded from here.

Early Spring class recipes V6 (it’s a large PDF file 17.8MB )

I’ve also put this new file on the earlier post.

Over to you for feedback now.


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2 Responses to Update on Early Spring recipes

  1. Susan Donohue says:

    Ha Ha, made the Savoury crumble today and thought that was a lot of mushrooms, because I remember you only putting a little bit in. Never mind it will be delicious I’m sure. It is now in the freezer along with the Spicy Crumble topping. Made the Apple and Blueberry crumble for after tea (have taste tasted and it is SO good) Also made the breakfast bars, so I am feeling very pleased with myself. LOL

    • cookingjust4me says:

      Sorry about the mushroom. It will have a good depth of flavour in the topping. Pleased you like the crumble mix. Reminds me of ginger nut biscuits. Try the pie idea. They are delish cold with cream or yogurt.


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