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Early Spring recipes

What a night!  The first Cookingjust4Me+ you cooking class has happened.

And here are the recipes I shared with those who joined me at Prospect this evening.

Early Spring class recipes V6  (it a big file as I’ve added some pictures)

I’ll write more about the class and the stories behind this collection of recipes over the coming weeks for those who could not join me tonight.

For those at the class you know some of the stories and have tasted all the recipes.

What was your favourite?

Which ones will you make first?

The vote from the team of kitchen angels, who help me make the class possible, was green sauce in the savoury category and the coffee brûlée in the sweets. Happy to say the bread  also top a big thumbs up.

Please try these recipes in your kitchen and send me your stories and comments.

Oh, I mentioned at the class I’m dyslexic. Happy to correct any of my ooops with spelling, but just tell me gently.

Happy cooking!


  1. Caroline, you did such a great job last night. You inspired and delighted everyone. Look forward to being at your next class, thankyou.

  2. Thank you for last night’s cooking class Caroline. It was SO worth the trip from the Barossa. You were just inspiring! I am not really much of a cook but now am all revved up to try your delicious recipes. You did a great job, mammoth in fact, and don’t stress about the ‘glitches’ honestly they weren’t even noticeable. By the way EVERYTHING and I mean EVERYTHING was delicious. Looking forward to your book and other seasonal cooking classes. Amazing.

    1. Hi Susan,
      thanks for making the trip to join me at the class last. I look forward to hearing how you go making the recipes. ‘Thanks for the support re my little glitches, I was just disappointed as i’m planned a few other things to show… like the grilling of the cheesy topping on the leeks, it smells so yummy.. but i know you got taste it at the end.

      I’m doing the same class again in Nov – practice make perfect…
      Thanks again for joining me Cookingjsut4Me+ You!

  3. Hi Trudy,
    I’m glad you enjoyed the class. I’ve has a lot of fun developing the recipes and look forward to your feedback when you make them in your kitchen.

  4. Caroline, if this is a taste of your recipe book I can’t wait. The recipes look so yummy and I am happy for you that the classes went so well.
    A big thumbs up to you for all your hard work.


  5. Hi Caroline, thought the cooking class was terrific, did the steamed chicken and stock today. Was wondering about the recipe for the ‘Green Sauce’ we tasted on the chicken that night. Haven’t got the email to activate blog notifications, have tried twice, so hope replying to this will put me on the list.
    Blessings, Joan

    1. Hi Joan
      I’ll try and sort out why you are not getting notifications. have you been able to download the pdf of the recipes from the blog?

      1. Thanks Caroline, have now been able to activate and receive email comments of my last question. Found the Green sauce recipe, was looking everywhere but obviously couldnt see what was in front of my eyes !!! thanks. Have converted your pdf file to word so that I can add my own comments as well. Had the Spring Slaw in lettuce cups for tea, yummy 🙂 without the sauce, but can now make it for next time.
        My friend is going to your next cooking class as well.
        All the best, Joan

    2. Hi Joan, Green sauce is on the herb butter page in the little note on the side. If you are having problems I’ll email you the pdf.

      1. Hi Joan
        were you looking to use the sauce for the chicken or the salad? I’d used it for the chicken but a friend used it in the salad with great success.

      2. Hi, I wantedit for the salad, but am having friends for tea this week and making Chicken and cashews and coconut rice, so thought I’d use it as an accompaniment. Am now steaming lamb shanks to break up for meals and make a stock, will have to go off to work now so will continue the cooking when I get home.
        Your ideas are so clever, exactly what I have been looking for.

        Thank you, Joan

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