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October 22 cooking class is now full – bookings open for November 26

Thank you! There has been a very strong response to my announcement of the first Cookingjust4Me+You Cooking class. The October class is now fully booked!

I’m quite overwhelmed by the response as I still haven’t invited everyone I planned to and the class is full. It appears I’m not alone in seeking ideas and tips on how to prepare healthy and fast meals just for me. I must say it’s really heartwarming to know I’m not the only one fighting the why bother voice.

I can’t wait to meet everyone on Tuesday.

I’ll be running the same class again on November 26. Same details as October, except the date of course. If you missed out on October, I’d love to meet you in November.

For those not in Adelaide or can’t make a class I’ll be posting the recipes from the evening on the blog after the class. It will be my early spring collection of recipes.

I’d love your feedback, especially about my crumble pie. Sorry couldn’t resist a teaser about what I’ll be cooking on Tuesday evening.

Happy cooking!


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