With Love & Respect

Love and respect

The fourth point in my exploration of cooking just4Me is “showing ME love and respect”.

In talking with many people from single households it seems that we just don’t bother because it’s only for one.

And it’s not just about what we cook it’s also in the way we present it.

If friends come we get out the good plates, we set the table, we use proper glasses and we plate up like Masterchef contestants.

When prompted, single householders’ reveal dark secrets of not bothering, confessing to eating out of the cooking dish, as it’s only for one so why bother?

Sad but true!

I decided that if I’m going to cook just for me then I need to give me the love and respect I would show to others.

I tried the idea of always sitting at the tablet but this somehow doesn’t work all the time for me so I compromise by setting a tray elegantly and then choose whether I sit in front of the TV or at the table.

I use the good plates, I use my good glass and I plate of food with love and care.

After all, Masterchef contestants’ plate up beautiful dishes in the last minutes of a cooking challenge so why can’t I?

The impact of doing this is I feel as if I’m special, I’ve been looked after, and that I really am worth the effort.

I know the positive psychologists would have a lot to say about the importance of making an effort for me.

How do you show yourself love and respect with the food you prepare?

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