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empty muffin cases A quick update on these delish crustless

quiches…I found these paper muffin case in a regular size in my supermarket. ( I’d only ever seen them for super sized muffins before).

They are perfect to bake individual crustless quiches. The recipe on the website makes 6 of these little beauties.

The paper casing makes them easy to pack into a storeage container in the fridge and handy to grab for breakfast/ snack on the go, all pre-packed.

And a big plus the baking tray is much easier to clean.

I’ve also made an addition to the recipe… a few tablespoons of rolled rye oats. They give these little ones a bit more of a bakegood taste and are a bit more filling and a bit less eggy.

I think this will be my new go to option.

What are your go to ways to prevent baking sticking in muffin tins?


Potted scrambled eggs and ham
Potted scrambled eggs and ham

One of the great things about cooking just4Me is that I don’t have to compromise on how I cook things. I can focus on cooking things the way I enjoy them. No ifs, buts or maybes. I can cook my way and not worry about any other ways.

Take eggs for example. ‘How cooked is the perfect egg’ is a subject everyone has decisive views on and I’ve learnt that these views are not moveable.

Despite famous chefs waxing lyrical about gooey, oozy, soft eggs yokes and most of my friends shying rapturously as they cut into an egg and release a running golden yoke, I like my eggs hard boiled. No golden soft stuff for me, only pale yellow firmness.

So if you are a lover of gooey eggs, a warning that this post is might not be for you. Lovers of firmness read on.

I’ve long admired the sophisticated looking potted eggs in cookbooks and on TV shows, but ‘oeufs en cocotte’ are always the gooey, oozy type therefore not for me. Till last weekend.

On Sunday I had a quiet morning and felt like a change from my usual breakfast. With wonderfully fresh eggs from my friend’s chooks and some lovely Barossa gypsy ham in the fridge I decide to make ‘oeufs en cocotte’ my way and created scrambled eggs and ham in pots.

It was much less fuss than I had anticipated. Mix the eggs in my Thermomix, line the pots with ham, pour in egg mix and place in the Varoma tray with foil on top to prevent moisture running into my egg mix.

Line souffe pots with ham
Line souffe pots with ham

I then rinsed the TM bowl, ½ filled with water and set it on Varoma to steam for 20 mins while I went back to bed with a cup of coffee to read the paper.

By the time I’d drunk my coffee the eggs were ready.

While they looked so cute in the little green pots, I decided to go the whole way on presentation and plated up my scrambled eggs and ham. Perfect eggs – my way!

I made two little pots of scrambled eggs and ham and took the second one to work on Monday to have with some salad as a light lunch.

How do you like your eggs?

Scrabled eggs and ham in pots
Oeufs en cocotte – my way

Potted scrambled eggs and ham


Place eggs in TM bowl and season with salt and pepper to taste. Mix for 6 seconds on speed 6.

Cut ham slices in ½. Line each small ceramic soufflé pot with the ½ pieces of ham. One section on the bottom of the pot and two around the sides. Pour egg mix in to pots. Rinse TM bowl and ½ fill with water.

Cover pots loosely with foil, to prevent steam from running into the eggs. Place covered pots into Varoma bowl. Steam for 20 minutes on Varoma at speed 2.

Serve from pots or plated with salad. De-pot by running a knife around the edge of the pot to loosen, then invert onto the plate.

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