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cropped-cookingjust4me-logo 1Since launching this site in 2012 and writing ‘Cooking for Me and You’ cookbook for Thermomix, I’ve meet so many people who are working through the unique challenges that small household managers face.

This made me realise it’s so important to give voice to our needs, as small households managers, and for me to continue to create recipes, share tips and create a place to share small household management wisdom. So I’ve redesigned my site. I trust you like the changes.

 Whats New?

More recipe methods – I’ve had lots of requests for recipes and tips for conventional as well as Thermomix cooking. And while I’m madly in love with my Thermomix  I do understand not everyone has one and not every dinner is cooked in one… I do love a BBQ.  Yes just4Me but more on that soon…

In this new site I will be sharing both Thermomix and conventional methods for the recipes.

Curried roasted cauliflowerHealthy ME – Like many of you, I’m currently focusing on being more healthily in my food choices. to help you and me in doing this I’ve added nutritional information for recipes going forward.

I also am using a new recipe app, so you can easily print recipes. I’m a ‘hard copy kind of girl’ at heart and have lots of little note books with pages stuffed in them with my precious adoptions of recipes.  so if that you my recipes will now be easy  to print recipes.

 Just4ME  – Baking- Not long after I finished the cookbook for Thermomix I realised that while I was  good at savoury cooking I was terrified of baking. why did I go walk at the knees when I had to make a cake for an event? Lack of knowledge, lack of practice, lack of skills?

I loved bake goods but just didn’t bake. It was for a mix of the reasons above. I thought about this and decided to learn to be a baker.

I set off on an adventure to discover the perfect cake to have with a cuppa (as that’s when I wanted  a little bit of cake) that journey for the last 3 years has lead to the creation of a site site to Cookingjust4Me…. the just4Me Bake Club.

If you like baked goods but don’t bake as there is just you or its not healthy or you can’t be bothered… check out my just4Me Bake Club which is an online cooking school that will show you how to make just4Me sized cakes (15cm /6 in) that are healthy treats and easy to make, even if your not a bake.

Me and youDinner for Two – Finally on this new site I’ll be sharing recipes for two.

Or as I say ‘Me +  You.

These recipes are mainly dinners, as that what we need to cook most often, designed for two people as one meal or for Me – a meal that can be cooked once and eaten twice but not in a boring way… I get bored with food very easily. So bring on variety!


I trust you enjoy the new look site and I welcome your feedback and suggestions.

Happy cooking just4 You…. because You matter!


September 2017



What a night!  The first Cookingjust4Me+ you cooking class has happened.

And here are the recipes I shared with those who joined me at Prospect this evening.

Early Spring class recipes V6  (it a big file as I’ve added some pictures)

I’ll write more about the class and the stories behind this collection of recipes over the coming weeks for those who could not join me tonight.

For those at the class you know some of the stories and have tasted all the recipes.

What was your favourite?

Which ones will you make first?

The vote from the team of kitchen angels, who help me make the class possible, was green sauce in the savoury category and the coffee brûlée in the sweets. Happy to say the bread  also top a big thumbs up.

Please try these recipes in your kitchen and send me your stories and comments.

Oh, I mentioned at the class I’m dyslexic. Happy to correct any of my ooops with spelling, but just tell me gently.

Happy cooking!

Cooking Classes 22 Oct and 26 Nov - Book now!

Exciting news!

I’m organising my first Cookingjust4Me cooking classes that will be showcasing recipes for those who cook for just themselves or maybe for two.

At the classes, on October 22 and November 26 at the Prospect Community Centre from 7.00-9.00 pm (booking details follow), I’ll be showing how to make a week’s worth of fast, healthy breakfasts, appetising dinners and some quick and interesting lunches.

Plus I’ve planned some delicious desserts, just for one. I’ll also  introduce you to a few of my ‘Flavour Friends’; tasty mixes or ingredients that add instant panache to everyday meals, in a healthy way.

As spring has sprung in South Australia, I’ll be featuring new season ingredients as the hero of many of my dishes.  The menu for the classes includes some wonderful vegetarian and gluten free dishes.

Most of the dishes are new recipes that I’ve been working on for the last few months but I will be making a few favourites from recipes already on my site.

My Thermomix will be working hard during the class as all recipes use this amazing kitchen appliance, that has changed my life for the better.

I’ve been long time preparing for these cooking class

What a twelve months it has been for me!

Since I did my short talk to my Thermomix group on the challenges and rewards of cooking just for me about this time last year, I started this blog, have written a little cookbook of Thermomix recipes for those who cook for one and two, have spent many hours (days) researching and testing recipes, become a volunteer in a CSIRO diet and lifestyle study, travelled to the Arctic Circle to see the Northern Lights and now I’m running my own special cooking classes.

What I’ve not done over the last few months is post on my blog. However stand by as I’ve lots of great ideas, tips and recipes to share with you in the next few months.

Meanwhile here are the details of my cooking classes.

Booking Details

Caroline and her Theremoix
Join me and my Thermomix at a cooking class

When: Tuesday 22 October and Tuesday 26 November, 7.00pm- 9.00pm

Where: Prospect Community Hall, next to Prospect Town Hall, Prospect Road, SA

All dishes available for tasting on the night.

Cost: $25  payable in advance.

Bookings essential.

To book: Email me.   I’ll confirm your booking and send you an email with the banking details so you can make payment.

I look forward to seeing you at one of the classes.

Potted scrambled eggs and ham
Potted scrambled eggs and ham

One of the great things about cooking just4Me is that I don’t have to compromise on how I cook things. I can focus on cooking things the way I enjoy them. No ifs, buts or maybes. I can cook my way and not worry about any other ways.

Take eggs for example. ‘How cooked is the perfect egg’ is a subject everyone has decisive views on and I’ve learnt that these views are not moveable.

Despite famous chefs waxing lyrical about gooey, oozy, soft eggs yokes and most of my friends shying rapturously as they cut into an egg and release a running golden yoke, I like my eggs hard boiled. No golden soft stuff for me, only pale yellow firmness.

So if you are a lover of gooey eggs, a warning that this post is might not be for you. Lovers of firmness read on.

I’ve long admired the sophisticated looking potted eggs in cookbooks and on TV shows, but ‘oeufs en cocotte’ are always the gooey, oozy type therefore not for me. Till last weekend.

On Sunday I had a quiet morning and felt like a change from my usual breakfast. With wonderfully fresh eggs from my friend’s chooks and some lovely Barossa gypsy ham in the fridge I decide to make ‘oeufs en cocotte’ my way and created scrambled eggs and ham in pots.

It was much less fuss than I had anticipated. Mix the eggs in my Thermomix, line the pots with ham, pour in egg mix and place in the Varoma tray with foil on top to prevent moisture running into my egg mix.

Line souffe pots with ham
Line souffe pots with ham

I then rinsed the TM bowl, ½ filled with water and set it on Varoma to steam for 20 mins while I went back to bed with a cup of coffee to read the paper.

By the time I’d drunk my coffee the eggs were ready.

While they looked so cute in the little green pots, I decided to go the whole way on presentation and plated up my scrambled eggs and ham. Perfect eggs – my way!

I made two little pots of scrambled eggs and ham and took the second one to work on Monday to have with some salad as a light lunch.

How do you like your eggs?

Scrabled eggs and ham in pots
Oeufs en cocotte – my way

Potted scrambled eggs and ham


Place eggs in TM bowl and season with salt and pepper to taste. Mix for 6 seconds on speed 6.

Cut ham slices in ½. Line each small ceramic soufflé pot with the ½ pieces of ham. One section on the bottom of the pot and two around the sides. Pour egg mix in to pots. Rinse TM bowl and ½ fill with water.

Cover pots loosely with foil, to prevent steam from running into the eggs. Place covered pots into Varoma bowl. Steam for 20 minutes on Varoma at speed 2.

Serve from pots or plated with salad. De-pot by running a knife around the edge of the pot to loosen, then invert onto the plate.

Hello, thanks for stopping by my blog.

I don’t know how you see cooking  but for me, as a single household,  I’ve spent a lot of years seeing ‘real’  cooking as the cooking I did when I entertained family and friends.

I saw this as my chance to try all the wonderful, real recipes I’d read in the endless pile of cookbooks that sit beside my bed. It was the time I saw myself as a ‘real’ cook, making proper meals and glowing with satisfaction as my friends and family enjoyed the fruits of my all effort. And I did make a big effort, beautiful food, great ingredients, the best china – all matching – and a table decorated with creative flair.

However if you dropped by on a weeknight, my cooking was not so grand, after all it was only me so why bother too much?

When I started to think about this, the truth was that I spent more time doing ‘why bother’ cooking than I did ‘real’ cooking. There were many, many more days of the week I cooked just 4Me than cooking for other people yet I showed myself  so little respect.

When I read that 24% of Australian household were single person I realised I was not alone. And so began my journey to rethink the centre of my cooking world.

To explore the world of cooking for small households, to discover ways to experience the joy and satisfaction that I got cooking for others cooking just4Me.

I’ve thought about this a lot.

I’ve talked about this a lot.

And I’ve found that many other single households face similar challenges. Me being me I started to work out ways to meet these challenges.

I talked some more.

I thought more.

I shared more ideas.

And everyone said….’write your recipes down and please share them’… ‘but I’m dyslexic’ I cried. ‘I’m not good at writing”…. ‘we don’t care, share your recipes and ideas’

…so finally I am. Welcome to the new centre of my world  – Cooking just 4Me.

Check out my first Progressive Ingredient story for six cooking just 4Me recipes that I’ve  been cooking for me over the last few months.

I hope they bring you as much enjoyment as they have me.

Let me know if they suit your busy week.


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